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Specification - Models ( Centre Cab, Walkwaround, Full cabin  Cuddy Cab. Available in Hard Rib, Soft Rib, Standard side variations.


L.O.A                                   8.1m
L.W.L                                   7.8 m
Beam                                  3.15 m
Dead rise                           22 degrees
Draft (hull)                         0.450m
Displacement                    2700kg Lightship
Engine                                2x 150-250 HP
Fuel                                    360 litres +
Optional tank                    100 ltr
Survey                                NSCV 2C (1+7), 2D (1+9)
Structures                         ISO 12215

HDPE Benefits

No antifouling needed
Will not corrode
No light amplification
High impact resistance
Simple to repair
100% recyclable
Low carbon footprint

Designed & Built in Australia

Minimal landing impact avoids injuries and fatigue and delivers more comfort
Quiet hull results in greater boating pleasure
Unsinkable with extremely dry ride
Brilliant stability and rough water handling
High performance stepped hull design

impact boats 8.0 HR
impact boats 8.0 HR

Ongoing cost savings & environmental benefits

No antifouling necessary
No osmosis or electrolysis
100% recyclable
Low carbon footprint
Environmentally friendly materials
Extremely high impact resistance
Slick ride means less power needed, faster and more economical

“Performance is from the keel up. We employ highly experienced award-winning designers who understand that the enjoyment and practicality of a good boat starts with hull design and engineering.  Our mission is to keep you safe and comfortable at sea. What is 

invisible to the eye will be felt through the wheel and seen through the smiles of your passengers on an Impact Boat.”



– Peter Baxevanis, Chief Executive Officer

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