Why Impact Boats




High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is known for its high strength-to-density ratio which makes it extremely well suited to all forms of marine application. That’s why with our 20yrs + of commercial boat building experience and hundreds of proven boat designs under our collective portfolio we have decided to offer the world a super tough yet attractive commercial boat range built with HDPE thickness’s between 12 – 40 mm.

Constructed using our PlasPlate construction method, our HDPE designs have a similar weight to plate alloy boats, yet come with all the additional benefits of the tough HDPE.


• Lighter than water!

With a density range between 930 to 970 kg/m3 which means its lighter than water. Even when cut into small pieces and thrown into water, HDPE will remain floating.


• Enhanced ride quality

Our performance engineered hulls combined with the incredibly high impact absorbing and thermal density qualities of HDPE, makes our boats ride like no other. You can expect a soft, quiet and smooth ride. WOW is what will come to mind.

• NIL Maintenance required

HDPE does not corrode, requires almost no maintenance, is resistant to water, petroleum’s, salt and chemicals. HDPE’s resistance is due to the nonpolar or paraffinic nature of the material.

HDPE is NOT prone to osmosis or electrolysis.

• No anti fouling needed

Once again, due to the nature of this amazing material, no antifouling is required, meaning no dangerous toxic chemical to spill into our precious waterways or expensive and time consuming maintenance required.


• High impact resistance

HDPE is both tough and flexible thanks to its elastic properties. A strong HDPE hull is perfect if you work close to the shore and rocks as well as needing to constantly dock up against any other surfaces.

A HDPE boat is virtually indestructible, so will stay with you for decades.


• Colour options and UV resistant

A frequently asked question we receive is: could we get the boat in a different colour other than black and are your colour options UV stable? YES and YES. After extended research, we have teamed up with a trusted manufacturer of HDPE sheeting that can offer UV Stabilised - HDPE colour sheeting options to suit your requirements. Painting is an option, call us to discuss.


• Flexibility in design and customisation

Customisations are as endless as your imagination. We’ll work with you for your right outcome.


• Simple to repair

HDPE is very easy to repair, any local plastic production company can do it for you or DIY is fairly straight forward for smaller repairs if needed.


• Low carbon footprint

HDPE is well known for its for strong mechanical properties, and long-term life expectancy but we should also take time to recognize that this material offers a carbon footprint rating that is 3x lower than compacted clay and 5 x lower than aluminium. IT’S AMAZING.


• No light Amplification

Light amplification can cause serious hull damage. No risk of that with HDPE.


• 100% recyclable

Fibreglass boats have a limited lifespan and are impossible to recycle. The same goes for aluminium; metal deterioration will send any aluminium boat to the scrapheap at one point.

HDPE, however, is a different story, it can be 100% recycled.


• Survey compliant

Built to NSCV 2C standards

How heavy are your boats?

Our HDPE designs have a similar weight to traditional plate aluminium boats for compatible size boats but with the added benefits that come with the HDPE material.



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