Custom Projects

No matter what your specific requirements are, we have the capacity to deliver world class products

At IMPACT BOATS we thrive on designing, engineering and building customised boats.

Each project is a unique process. From initial consultation, we work intimately with our clients to explore and study their objectives. Once we resolve all of the capabilities their boat requires, we shift to a design and engineering phase.

As the design and engineering progresses, we collaborate with some of the world’s most advanced and professional experts to bring the design to life. The technology we have at our disposal is then developed into 3D CAD drawings. From there we transfer the data into a VR phase so our clients can literally walk through their boat.

Once we have a clear vision we shift to a build and construction phase, all conducted under the watchful eye of our in-house team.

We look forward to the opportunity of consulting on your next project.


“Performance is from the keel up. We employ highly experienced award-winning designers who understand that the enjoyment and practicality of a good boat starts with hull design and engineering.  Our mission is to keep you safe and comfortable at sea. What is 

invisible to the eye will be felt through the wheel and seen through the smiles of your passengers on an Impact Boat.”



– Peter Baxevanis, Chief Executive Officer

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